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At Chambers & Perkins, we have over 40 years experience in the janitorial industry supplying major food producers, city councils, bakeries and other large industries.

We are one of the North West’s leading suppliers of specialist hygiene quality brushes, brooms, squeegee’s, scrapers and resin set products for the food industry.

British made, colour coded hygiene equipment such as buckets, scoops, handles, paddles, shovels and other food grade items are available for local delivery.

Traditional wooden brooms, platform brooms, fitch brushes and wooden handles are always in stock.

1000’s of cleaning items such as paper towels, toilet rolls, wipes scouring pads, and buckets always in stock.

Chambers and Perkins also has a hardware and ironmongery retail outlet and can offer a full range of locks, security products, electrical bulbs, workwear, plumbing products etc.

Free local delivery service. Nationwide delivery available at a nominal charge.

Free and friendly advice given by our experienced staff.